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[SOLUCIONADO] cannot connect to any of local network in IT, PL

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[SOLUCIONADO] cannot connect to any of local network in IT, PL

During last 2 weeks I cannot register to any of the local network (tried in Italy, Poland, Switzerland). I have an error "you sim card is not allowed to connect to this network".  I had positive amount in balance, recharged 15 EUR on 19/01
Please advise


Hola @tsssvitaly Welcome to the Orange community.

First of all, be sure that roaming is on in your device (check it at Settings) and of course, in your line (check it on My Orange app). 


Besides, in case that your device doesn't show the operator automatically, you must connect with it manually. For that, get into network settings in your device and search it. This will show you the available networks in the country you are, so you can connect to them.

If you don't know how to configure it on your device, please, search in our guides your model and then, click on "Conectividad y redes" - "Como seleccionar una red".


Having connection, and a minimum of balance (more than 0 euros), you should be able to access to the service and the data connection in that country.


Please, pay attention to the costs of these connections and the use of roaming in different countries. You can check the whole information here:


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