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[SOLUCIONADO] SIM-card dosn't register in a mobile network

Observador frecuente

[SOLUCIONADO] SIM-card dosn't register in a mobile network


Recently I bought an Orange prepaid SIM-card in ebay. The reseller told me that he activated it. But this SIM doesn't register in a mobile network. I tried to call to Orange customer support and I was told that it is because I'm abroad. But could it be the real reason?

Now I'm in Belarus and due to covid restrictions I cannot go to Spain or any other EU country.

But my wife has another Orange prepaid SIM-card (bought several yeras ago) and it works fine here in Belarus. What is the difference?
I even cannot create a user account on, because I cannot receive an SMS due to my new SIM-card doesn't register in a mobile network.

Is there any solution of my problem?

Thank you!

Observador frecuente

I've solved the problem. One thing helped me. It was an idea to try to manually select a mobile provider in my phone. By some reason some mobile providers don't allow to register foreign completely new SIM-cards in their networks. That is why the automatic selection of a mobile provider in a phone doesn't work. But after the SIM was manually registered in one of the networks that allowed it to "come in", it became possible for it to be registered in networks of another providers. A strange thing! But the problem is solved.