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[SOLUCIONADO] No service after one week of Go Fly prepago

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[SOLUCIONADO] No service after one week of Go Fly prepago

Sorry, question in English.


Last week we bought a prepago sim-card in the Orange store. When home everything seemed to work fine, I could use the internet connection without a problem.


Now, one week later, the card cannot connect to the network. It shows "No Service". Also, I should have gotten 100gb of data for 28 days (Go Fly deal), which is what I bought at the store, but I have received text (SMS) messages that my balance was going down, how does that happen? I only used data.


Now I even tried to add new balance. The money was charged on my credit card, but still the sim-card does not work. I tried it in my MiFi modem and 2 phones, all with the same "No service" error. I also cannot call 1470, nor use *111#.


What is wrong? Is there a network outage? How can I find out?

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I briefly had a connection like an hour ago and I actually received a text message from Orange that time, but now it's gone again.

I also still cannot find a page with all general problems on the Orange mobile network, is there one?


Hola @jandeboer. Bienvenido a la comunidad Orange.

En primer lugar, debes tener en cuenta que para disponer del servicio debes tener un mínimo de saldo, que tu saldo no sea 0€.

En caso de que el móvil no te muestre operador para conectarte, debes conectarte de forma manual. Para, ello en los ajustes de red de tu móvil debes realizar una búsqueda manual de red, de esa forma te mostrará las redes disponibles en el país y así podrás conectarte a ellas.
Para hacer esto en tu móvil, puedes buscar en nuestras guías de configuración según tu modelo de teléfono y dentro del apartado "Conectividad y redes" - "Cómo seleccionar una red".


Si tu duda ha sido resuelta, ayuda al resto de usuarios marcándola como solución
Si lees un comentario que te ha sido útil, ayuda a mejorar la comunidad dándole un "gracias"

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I understand. That should be fixed now, I added more money to the card, but it was very difficult to do without service because I could not see my balance because *111# and 1470 did not work without service.


One thing I notice is that when I do get service I am always on a small walk outside. I am currently in Montán in Castellón and there was a storm last weekend. Could it be that one of the antenna's nearby broke maybe? Because when I do get service its very minimal, as if the antenna my phone uses is very far away.


Before this weekend the service was very good at this place, after the weekend (after the storm) it is now very bad. I have been looking for a map that would show all the problems in the Orange network in Spain, but I cannot find it online. Is there such a map?


I am looking for a map with all the problems in the network

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Update: we changed location now to a new town and everything now works. I am therefore pretty sure that the issue was with the Orange network locally in Montán.