[SOLUCIONADO] My recharge not paid off?


[SOLUCIONADO] My recharge not paid off?



I made a recharge of 10 euros 2 times (20 euros) but even after chaking the balance it's not in my account and also the money is deducted from my account.

Can you please help me in this? 


Hi @swapnil_sanmukh ,


Have you received the balance that you have recharged on the prepaid line? It is possible that the system does not process the recharge of the line at the moment, but currently you already have the balance, could you tell us if you already have the money on the line?


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Hi swapnil_sanmukh.


How did you recharge your mobile phone? By credit card? On Orange website or at a kiosk?


You must check your mobile phone number in your receipt. It's necessary that you keep it. If the recharge still doesn't appear on your balance, you must go to a Orange shop with that receipt. The Orange co-workers will help you about this matter.


If you don't have the receipt, maybe you won't be able to recover the money...


Also, you can call to 900 906 121 (if you are calling from Spain) or +34 695 911 900 (if you are calling from outside Spain). That's the Orange number phone for private customer.