[SOLUCIONADO] Prepaid eSim


[SOLUCIONADO] Prepaid eSim


I chose a certain prepaid plan (Go Fly). I want to start using this plan with eSim.

How can I order this plan with eSim without ordering usual Sim?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Prepaid eSim

Hello, @fant0m


You only need to go to any of our shops and request there the change from NanoSIM to eSIM.


Bear in mind that currently is only compatible with iPhone XS/ XS MAX/ XR with iOS 12.1.1 or better.


You can find your nearest shop here.







Re: Prepaid eSim

@Astor_orange, is there any possibility to do it online? The thing is that I'm from another country, just planning to visit Spain for a few weeks. I arrive late in the night, so all shops will be closed. And I really need the Internet to get to my hotel by car... P.S.: I own iPhone Xr. So there should be no problem with eSim Emoticono feliz

Re: Prepaid eSim

Hey @fant0m!


I am sorry to inform you that it is not possible for now. 
Due to the current prepayment policy, personal data must be registered (including ID or passport)


Also, for now the web page does not allow issuing eSIM directly. The only way is to do it in a Orange's store.

Regards! Emoticono feliz