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[SOLUCIONADO] My data dosen’t work


[SOLUCIONADO] My data dosen’t work

I bought a sim card at Belgium and it is not working in espain. At the store they told me the pin card will be working all over the europe. What can I do? I still have 30 euros in that and I don’t want to loose it.


Re: My data dosen’t work

Hello @Larissaberno ,


You need to configure the APN of the SIM card in Spain, Here I leave the configuration information:


The general parameters of the APN for an Orange SIM are:


  • Nombre: Orange Internet Móvil
  • APN: orangeworld
  • Nombre de usuario: orange
  • Contraseña: orange
  • MCC: 214
  • MNC: 03
  • Tipo de autenticación: PAP
  • Tipo de APN: default

You need more help, this is the multilingual customer service: 


Customer service in different languages

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