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[SOLUCIONADO] Xiaomi 6A no internet


[SOLUCIONADO] Xiaomi 6A no internet

Hi! Today internet is no longer working. Yesterday it was everything ok. Only thing that I did yesterday, it was making new APN connection, because my phone didn't work as hotspot. Today I tried to return to default settings and make new APN, but it still doesn't work. Maybe you know how to mentioned it? Thanks


Re: Xiaomi 6A no internet

Hi @Vraskhod,


Welcome to Orange's Community!


The parameters for the APN are these:


  • Name: Orange Internet Móvil
  • APN: orangeworld
  • Username: orange
  • Password: orange
  • MCC: 214
  • MNC: 03
  • Auth: PAP
  • APN type: default


Regards! Emoticono feliz